Based on HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript, Bootstrap makes it possible for developers to quickly launch a fully-featured, mobile-responsive site. Bootstrap has a number of benefits, including its simplicity, widespread community support, and capacity to reduce development time. Moreover, it offers a responsive and constant design across all browsers and devices. Starting with simple buttons, dropdown menus, and alert boxes, Bootstrap has a comprehensive list of components for all types of scenarios. You can search for the class you are interested in and a list of all the components will pop up on your screen. Developers know that deploying a project was not always as simple as it is today.

how does bootstrap work

So this was the “get-me-started” tutorial for the latest version of Bootstrap. The main motive was to make you understand how Bootstrap works. As you might have seen, I haven’t written more than a few lines of CSS code. Bootstrap handles everything on its own with its predefined set of CSS and JS files. We can choose to trigger this layout change at a screen size of less than 576px by using col-xs, or at a larger screen size of 768px with col-md. It’s up to us, but just one grid class will do the job for us.

Bootstrap 3 vs. Bootstrap 4

If you’re still not convinced whether Bootstrap is worth a try, here are the advantages of using it compared to other web development frameworks. To address this, you’ll need to include the following CSS and JavaScript to work around the bug. Alternative browsers which use the latest version of WebKit, Blink, or Gecko, whether directly or via the platform’s web view API, are not explicitly supported. However, Bootstrap should (in most cases) display and function correctly in these browsers as well.

how does bootstrap work

For a good few years now Bootstrap has become an essential a tool for frontend developers. For the rest of us, it’s just another coding buzzword we don’t understand. Bootstrap 5 (released 2021) is the newest version of Bootstrap;
It what is bootstrap supports the latest, stable releases of all major browsers and
platforms. An example of how to use the Bootstrap navbar navigation links to create sites’ menus. This syntax must be below the jQuery syntax to function properly.

A Beginner’s Guide to Bootstrap

It’s also fully customizable, and compatible with all modern browsers. That’s a lot of ready-made functionality right at your fingertips. Bootstrap is a free front-end framework that is popular among developers today, particularly those who work in the web design world. It’s easy to use and saves developers a lot of time from having to write HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code manually. To increase the site’s page load time, Bootstrap minifies the CSS and JavaScript files.

how does bootstrap work

Therefore, every software engineer should learn about jQuery as it’s an essential part of web development. Since CSS has a lot of declarations and selectors, memorizing all of them can take some time. Another downside is that Bootstrap styles are relatively bulky. This can result in unnecessary HTML output, wasting central processing unit resources. Bootstrap handles the image display and responsiveness with its predefined HTML and CSS rules.

Building a responsive site is much easier using Bootstrap than doing so from scratch. Bootstrap comes with responsive styles, like containers and media queries, to ensure your site adjusts to the viewport. That means you don’t have to worry about whether your visitors are using desktops, tablets, or mobile devices. First and foremost, it’s open-source and therefore free to download and use.

You can also add custom classes to any element to make them look different. Many developers feel as though they are reinventing the wheel when they need to construct the most basic elements of a website. Bootstrap gives you everything you need to design a clean, effective site out of the box. In fact, you don’t need to write a single line of code if you don’t want to — you can just fill in the content. So, frameworks are cool, but what makes Bootstrap a good choice? Well, since its appearance in 2011, Bootstrap instantly gained the recognition of web designers and developers for how flexible Bootstrap is and how easy it is to work with.

  • Bootstrap also provides additional classes like .img-circle and .img-rounded, which help to modify the images’ shape.
  • As already explained, Bootstrap consists mainly of style sheets and scripts.
  • There are two different forms of Bootstrap available for download.
  • Get started exploring this framework now to see just how much it’s capable of.

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